Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: A Beginner’s Guide to Fast and Easy Cultivation

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have revolutionized the way people grow marijuana. These seeds offer a convenient and efficient solution for both experienced growers and beginners alike. In this article, we will explore the world of autoflowering cannabis seeds, their benefits, how they work, popular strains, growing tips, harvesting, and where to buy them. So, if you’re interested in cultivating your own cannabis plants with ease, keep reading!

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Cannabis cultivation has seen significant advancements over the years, and one of the most notable developments is the introduction of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Unlike traditional cannabis seeds that require specific light cycles to flower, autoflowering seeds are genetically designed to flower automatically, regardless of the light cycle they receive. This unique characteristic makes them a popular choice among growers looking for a hassle-free cultivation experience.

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the result of crossbreeding cannabis ruderalis, a subspecies of cannabis that originates from regions with short summers and harsh climates, with traditional cannabis strains. This crossbreeding has given rise to a new generation of cannabis seeds that have the ability to flower automatically, without relying on changes in light cycles. How Many Marijuana Seeds to Plant in One Pot

Benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds

Fast and easy growth

One of the major advantages of autoflowering cannabis seeds is their rapid growth cycle. These plants typically have a shorter life span compared to traditional cannabis strains, allowing for quicker harvests. While regular cannabis plants can take up to four months to flower, autoflowering varieties can be ready for harvest in as little as 8 to 10 weeks. This speedy growth makes them ideal for growers who want quick results.

Suitable for beginners

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a great choice for novice growers due to their resilience and simplicity. These plants are generally more forgiving when it comes to common cultivation mistakes, such as light schedule errors or nutrient imbalances. Additionally, their compact size makes them suitable for indoor and stealthy outdoor growing, enabling beginners to experiment with cannabis cultivation without the need for a large space.

Compact size and discreet cultivation

Autoflowering cannabis plants tend to stay relatively small in size, making them perfect for those who have limited space or wish to maintain a low profile during cultivation. Their compact stature also allows for easier maintenance and maneuvering, making them an excellent choice for indoor setups or outdoor gardens where space is a concern.

How do autoflowering cannabis seeds work?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds contain a unique genetic trait that allows them to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on their age, rather than relying on changes in light cycles. This trait comes from the cannabis ruderalis subspecies, which developed this adaptation to survive in regions with limited sunlight.

When an autoflowering cannabis seed germinates, it goes through a brief vegetative stage where it focuses on establishing its root system and developing a few sets of leaves. Once the plant reaches a certain age, usually within 2 to 4 weeks, it automatically begins flowering. This automatic flowering process continues regardless of the light schedule, making it convenient for growers who may not have precise control over their lighting setup. How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds UK

Popular strains of autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds come in a wide variety of strains, each with its unique characteristics and flavors. Here are three popular autoflowering strains that are worth considering for your cultivation endeavors:

Blueberry Autoflower

  • Description: Blueberry Autoflower is a delightful strain known for its sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of fresh blueberries.
  • Effects: It offers a relaxing and euphoric high, making it an excellent choice for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Growing difficulty: Easy

Northern Lights Autoflower

  • Description: Northern Lights Autoflower is a legendary strain famous for its potent effects and resinous buds.
  • Effects: It provides a deeply relaxing and sedating experience, making it popular among those seeking relief from insomnia or chronic pain.
  • Growing difficulty: Easy

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

  • Description: Amnesia Haze Autoflower is a sativa-dominant strain with a powerful and uplifting effect.
  • Effects: It induces an energetic and creative high, making it a favorite among artists and individuals seeking a cerebral experience.
  • Growing difficulty: Moderate

Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis seeds

While growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is relatively straightforward, there are a few key considerations to ensure optimal growth and yield. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your autoflowering plants:

Light cycle considerations

Although autoflowering cannabis seeds do not require specific light schedules to flower, providing them with ample light during the vegetative stage can help promote vigorous growth. Aim for a minimum of 18 hours of light per day, or even up to 24 hours, to maximize photosynthesis and encourage healthy development.

Soil and nutrients

Choosing the right soil and providing appropriate nutrients are crucial for the success of your autoflowering plants. Opt for well-draining soil that retains enough moisture without becoming waterlogged. Consider using a light potting mix or adding perlite to improve drainage. When it comes to nutrients, start with a balanced fertilizer during the vegetative stage and gradually transition to bloom-specific nutrients once the plant begins flowering. How to Grow Cannabis Seeds in Europe

Watering and humidity

Overwatering can be detrimental to autoflowering plants, as their compact size makes them more susceptible to root rot. Water your plants when the top inch of soil feels dry and ensure that excess water can drain freely. Maintaining moderate humidity levels, ideally between 40-60%, can also help prevent issues such as mold or bud rot during flowering.

Harvesting and curing autoflowering cannabis plants

As autoflowering cannabis plants have a shorter life cycle compared to traditional strains, they tend to have smaller yields. However, the advantage lies in their fast growth and quick turnover, allowing for multiple harvests in a single season. Harvesting is typically done when the buds have reached their peak potency and the trichomes have turned milky white or amber. After harvesting, it’s essential to properly cure the buds to enhance their flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

Where to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds | Weedmarihuana.eu

If you’re interested in purchasing autoflowering cannabis seeds, there are numerous reputable online seed banks and dispensaries that offer a wide selection of strains. Look for established vendors with positive reviews and a track record of delivering high-quality seeds. Ensure that you choose a strain that aligns with your preferences and growing conditions to maximize your success.


Autoflowering cannabis seeds have revolutionized the world of cannabis cultivation, offering a convenient and efficient way to grow your own marijuana plants. With their fast growth, beginner-friendly nature, and compact size, autoflowering seeds are an excellent choice for both experienced growers and those new to cannabis cultivation. By understanding how they work, selecting the right strains, and following proper growing techniques, you can enjoy a successful harvest of high-quality cannabis in a relatively short period.


1. Are autoflowering cannabis seeds suitable for outdoor cultivation?

Yes, autoflowering cannabis seeds are well-suited for outdoor cultivation. Their compact size and rapid growth make them ideal for discreet and stealthy gardens.

2. Can I clone autoflowering cannabis plants?

While it is possible to clone autoflowering cannabis plants, it’s generally not recommended. Clones retain the same age as the mother plant, meaning they may already be in the flowering stage, resulting in reduced yields.

3. Do autoflowering cannabis plants require different nutrients than regular cannabis plants?

Autoflowering cannabis plants have similar nutrient requirements to regular cannabis plants. However, they may benefit from lighter nutrient doses due to their shorter life cycle.

4. Can I grow autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors?

Yes, autoflowering cannabis seeds are well-suited for indoor cultivation. Their compact size and fast growth make them ideal for small spaces or grow tents.

5. How long does it take for autoflowering cannabis seeds to germinate?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds typically germinate within 2 to 7 days, depending on various factors such as seed quality, moisture, and temperature.

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